Leading the way by fusion
Facade decoration and thermal insulation panel KODERUS 2IN1 – the system performs the function of decoration and insulation at the same time.
The Koderus 2in1 system represents the future of facade technology.
Combining thermal insulation with high-quality textured concrete. Ideal for a range of applications from apartment buildings to private houses.
Elevate your exteriors with our innovative facade solutions, combining speed, affordability, and style.
  • Up to 50% faster facade installation
  • Lower costs of facade installation works
  • Exeptional durability, maintenance free, fast damage replacement
  • Unique and excellent look, increased real estate value
  • Wide colors and textures selection or custom ordering options
Choose from 16 main textures or order a custom design for your project.
Texture refers to the surface characteristics of a facade panel, which depend on the arrangement of material layers. Additional elements provide the surface with a decorative quality.
Every texture can be of a different color. Naturally dyed concrete is used in the manufacturing process - this ensures that the color is everlasting, vibrant and durable.
KODERUS 2IN1 system panels can be produced according to individual orders, choosing other textures or colors. Get in touch and we'll help you realize your vision.
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